My photo shoot with Katherine was an amazing experience! After following Katherine’s blog for a long time, I finally worked up the courage to set up my own session…and I’m so glad I did!

Katherine was knowledgeable, professional and so much fun to work with! She is so helpful with coordinating outfits and the whole process was very stream-lined! Tara from Tada Makeup did my hair and makeup before the shoot and her studio is next door to Katherine, which couldn’t be any more convenient. She made me look amazing – my hair and makeup lasted all day long! I had so much fun getting pampered and taking photos; Katherine definitely made the whole experience easy and fun.

I was so happy with all my photos…it was hard to pick my favorites! I can’t wait to go back and make another album. I highly recommend Katherine Henry boudoir to anyone who wants to feel great about themselves!


So fun and comfortable. Pictures came out beautifully – elegant and classy! Thank you for a wonderful gift for my husbands birthday!


Katherine Henry Boudoir is the way to go! She is simply amazing and makes you feel at ease in a professional yet comfortable atmosphere. She made our bachelorette festivities super fun with adorable decor, yummy treats, and most importantly champagne; to settle the nerves which quickly disappeared after a few clicks of the camera! Katherine guided us through each pose and gave input on outfit choices and even gifted us with cute little goody bags to take home. Better yet, now we have amazing pictures to remember how exciting the day really was. I can’t wait to go back for some more glam and girly sexiness! The experience was just incredible, so glad we found Katherine!


What a professional! This was an incredible experience. Katherine knows her stuff. A little apprehensive at first but after the first few clicks of the camera, I felt sexy and glamorous. The final product was better than I could have ever expected. Initially, my session was to become a photo book for my boyfriend. I am so happy the way the final product came out that I might just keep this for myself as a reminder of how beautiful and fun the shoot was.

If you are even considering a session, this is the lady to go and see.


Hi Katherine,

I wanted to let you know that the book is lovely. Thank you so much for sending it, we were both thrilled to look through it together. You have such an attention to detail and take such good care of your clients – it really shows and makes for a unique and memorable experience. I would recommend this to someone in a heartbeat.

Looking forward to staying in touch, and thank you again for such a wonderful experience.


I just recently had a session with Katherine Henry Boudoir and couldn’t be happier! I was inspired by a friend who had done a couple of calendars with her and they came out incredible! When I went for my shoot I didn’t know exactly what to expect I have never done anything like this before. Katherine made me feel SO at ease and so beautiful! I got to do a few different looks and I really feel like we covered everything from sexy, cute, fun, etc. I planned to create an album for my husband’s wedding gift, she has such an impressive variety to choose from! I ended up going with the bombshell album and a deck of cards… How fun! Since the shoot, I have gotten my album and cards, had my wedding and given the gift to my husband. He absolutely LOVED it and was very (pleasantly) surprised! Not only was the quality of the album impressive but she has a raw talent in photography. My photos were so amazing and tastefully done…  I can’t thank you enough Katherine! If you plan on doing a boudoir session Katherine Henry is 100% the way to go… Worth every penny!


I am THRILLED with my experience with Katherine Henry Boudoir. Katherine was responsive and helpful via email before the shoot with any questions I had. Tara from Tada Makeup did and absolutely AMAZING job with my hair and makeup. Katherine walked me through the whole shoot process and made me feel incredibly comfortable with her and her studio before snapping a single picture. If you’re worried that you won’t know what to do day of (as I am sure most people are unless they’re professionals) don’t worry, because she’ll tell you exactly what to do to get the best pictures. But if there was anything specific I wanted she was game to shoot whatever I thought of. And the pictures are absolutely stunning. I was worried that even though I had a fun time at the shoot the pictures wouldn’t come out as beautiful as I had felt–what a silly thing to worry about! I had a hard time choosing which ones I liked best because there were just so many images I loved!

Absolutely amazing experience. Her work is beautiful, she was professional and friendly and fun to work with. If you’re looking for a boudoir photographer, look no further!


If you are considering doing a boudoir shoot, definitely go for it and make sure it’s with Katherine Henry! Not only was it a fun, unique experience..she made me feel so comfortable throughout the entire process! I had my hair and makeup done by Tara, who did an amazing job. Katherine is sure to “mock” out every pose and was more than accepting of any ideas I had myself. When it came time to choose a product, she was aware of my budget and was able to create a beautiful book within those parameters. I absolutely recommend Katherine and already want to do it again!


As a photographer myself, I think I may have extra high expectations – and I cannot say enough amazing things about Katherine Henry Boudoir and Katherine herself! She was incredibly organized and helpful throughout the entire process – I am a planner and she was always one step ahead of me in regards to tips, tricks etc.

At the shoot itself, it could not have been more comfortable, easy and fun! She had beautiful, flattering poses that put me so at ease. I’m used to being behind the camera – not in front of it and usually don’t love having my photo taken – but not this time around – I loved every minute of it! I was so impressed with her studio set up and the variety of shots we did.

When it came time to review the photos I was absolutely blown away – they are so beautiful! I loved every single one and had a hard time choosing! She really did an incredible job and my (now) husband absolutely loved his album wedding gift! The album quality is gorgeous and the products she has available are all very impressive. I had the best experience and find myself looking at the photos all the time – Katherine made me feel so beautiful and I could not be happier with the photos and session itself. Thank you so much!


I couldn’t be happier with my whole experience with Katherine Henry Boudoir.  From start to finish the whole process was fun and exciting.  My hair and makeup was beautiful, Katherine made me feel totally comfortable through the whole shoot, and the photos are beautiful!  I can’t wait to get my album and give it to my fiance on our wedding day!!  If you’ve been thinking about doing a boudoir shoot this is the place to do it!


Katherine was the most wonderful person to work with! She made me feel so at ease and put up with my awkward and goofy antics! I knew this was going to be an expense, but Katherine’s rates were reasonable and her work was spectacular. The shots came out beautifully and she definitely knew how to highlight my best features! I can’t wait to show the finished album to my fiance in about a month! Thank you Katherine for being so positive, upbeat and for making me not feel so silly in such sexpot poses!


This is my first Yelp review, but I felt like I HAD to say something about how great my experience was here. I cannot speak highly enough of Katherine and my entire experience at her studio! I think Katherine must have figured out every detail to make the entire experience feel as fun and special as possible. I booked with Katherine Henry Boudoir to surprise my fiance with timeless photos on our wedding day.

I was nervous about what the experience would be like, but from the moment I booked with Katherine she made me comfortable! Before the shoot, Katherine was extremely responsive and upbeat in her correspondence, which made me feel immediately at ease. She gave guidance about how to select outfits for the shoot–and even had a Pinterest page full of ideas! On the day of the shoot, she had a talented hair and makeup professional come to the studio to help me get dolled up.  Katherine sat chatting with me the whole time I was prepping–and by the time I was ready for the shoot, I felt and looked amazing and was no longer nervous at all.

While the photos were taken, Katherine gave tons of guidance about posing to make sure we highlighted captured me at my best. She even demonstrated poses herself. Her studio has tons of variety and great backdrops, and she will help you bring out your inner sweet, sassy, and sexy here-even if you aren’t sure you have it in you! In the end, THE PHOTOS TURNED OUT INCREDIBLE. Seriously, just incredible. I liked every single picture. They are a million times better than I even expected, and I will recommend Katherine to every one of my girlfriends who want to take photos for their fiancés, husbands, or even to capture a moment in time for themselves. If you are considering taking boudoir photos, take them with Katherine. You will be nothing short of amazed by the experience and the final product!!


This experience was a long time coming for me and despite searching other photographers, I was not thrilled until I booked with Katherine. I can now understand all the great reviews thus far because I completely agree!!  Despite feeling a bit uncomfortable at the start, that disappeared quickly.  She makes you feel so confident & beautiful and I really could not have asked for more.  The studio is quaint, clean and had that vintage elegant feel that I love. Katherine is really laid back, happy & very personable.  Don’t hesitate to book & I’m already looking forward to my second time!  I also want to note that Tara did my hair & makeup beautifully.


Whether you’re looking for a gift for your significant other or want to treat yourself to some beautiful photos of yourself, Katherine Henry Boudoir is the place to go.  I love how my shots were sexy AND classy.  I also love how Katherine demonstrated each pose before I did it myself.  I’ve shared the proofs with my girlfriends and they complemented how natural I look… everything down to my expression, arm placement, all of it!  Katherine makes you feel comfortable and confident.  She’s very easy to work with yet professional at the same time.  Her online tools to review proofs and share with friends are user-friendly and effective for leaving feedback.  She designed a beautiful album for me that I’ll have forever.   Hands down, she is the best photographer I’ve worked with.  I already know I’d like to come back for a bachelorette session in the future.  The best time to do a boudoir session is now, you won’t regret it!


I am so glad I did this. My friend did a session with Katherine for her fiance before her wedding and sent me the referral voucher. I ended up scheduling a session on my birthday and it was the best present I could’ve given myself. The day started with Tara from Tada Makeup doing my hair and makeup. She really listened to what I wanted and gave me a look that is really in keeping with my personal style. Katherine then went through my outfits with me and suggested which one to do first. She posed me throughout the whole shoot and made me feel so comfortable.

I returned 3 weeks later to view my pictures and CAN’T BELIEVE how good they came out. I got the proof of my book the next morning and Katherine will ship it to me once it arrives. I am telling all my friends to do a boudoir, and if they live in the area, to do it with Katherine! It is such a good self esteem booster and helped me realize that sexy really is in our minds and hearts! It is SO worth the money so book one today!


What a professional! This was an incredible experience. Katherine knows her stuff. A little apprehensive at first but after the first few clicks of the camera, I felt sexy and glamorous. The final product was better than I could have ever expected. Initially, my session was to become a photo book for my boyfriend. I am so happy the way the final product came out that I might just keep this for myself as a reminder of how beautiful and fun the shoot was.

If you are even considering a session, this is the lady to go and see.


misspaI had always wanted to do a boudoir session but never actually started looking into it until recently. Katherine Henry popped up immediately with amazing reviews so I thought it was a no brainer, and I’m so glad I did!

This was something very out of my comfort zone but Katherine is such a professional and made the experience a wonderful one. She helps you with your outfit choices and helps you pick what works best. What I appreciated the most was she tells you exactly what to do! I am not very creative and I really needed the guidance, it was so helpful and you can tell she is an expert because the photos came out so beautiful!! Katherine is so amazing at what she does and it’s beyond clear when you meet and work with her, this is an experience I will always remember!

Bottom line, very highly recommended!


missjwI am so excited to say that I have visited Katherine Henry Boudoir for the 2nd time! As 2014 was ending, so was my calendar from Katherine Henry!! So I decided to do it again! Initially I did my photo shoot because I was turning 30 and I also got it as a gift for my husbands birthday! This year I turned 31 and decided my 30s were so awesome that I wanted to do it again, and this time I included my husband in the process and it was awesome to get his input! I love working with Katherine, she is super easy going and gets everything done promptly and walks you through everything! I am super happy with my pictures once again and will most likely do it again!!!


missjIf you are anything like me, you will love Katherine and she will be exactly the diamond in the rough you were hoping to find in this anxious and questioning boudoir photographer search.

I’m the girl who bought men’s swimsuit bottoms in college because I hated my thigh area so much that I wanted it to disappear. When I discovered the concept of doing a boudoir shoot (as a gift for my fiance on our wedding day) I knew it would a) be something my fiance would love and b) be something I could never work up the courage to do. I mean, how do you pick a perfect stranger to photograph you in your underwear (none of which I owned was sexy)? Nevertheless I felt like I wouldn’t find the courage again to do this, so I hunted through the internet for someone near me.

Firstly and most importantly to me, Katherine’s personality and comfortably shine through in her blog as well as her photos, which are stunning as you can see and captured the exact balance of whimsical playfulness mixed with sultry that makes her shine. She was always responsive to e-mails in a quick and fun manner and provided plenty of consultation about selecting my outfits both before I arrived and once I was actually in the studio. Walking around her studio I felt like a newborn giraffe in heels, but Katherine makes the experience completely comfortable and open and puts you instantly at ease by suggesting as many poses and setups as I wanted. I have never felt so much like a super model, on top of the world, like anything was possible. Silly, I know, but it’s true. I would be remiss not to mention the hair & make-up by Tara next door – I felt like a goddess and her work was stunning. My curls probably would’ve held all week if I hadn’t washed them!

Every friend of mine who has seen my pictures has had a jaw dropping reaction. I’m eagerly awaiting my album and have already instructed my maid of honor to capture my fiance’s reaction as he opens it – I know it’ll be something we’ll both treasure for the rest of our lives. I’m so thankful that on top of the photos I have the memory of this experience to go off of.

Book Katherine. You won’t regret it.


missaMy session with Katherine was so much fun!! And I say session, because it’s much more than the actual photo shoot – it’s building the Pinterest boards, shopping for pretty lingerie, getting your nails and hair and makeup done – all the exciting little details that go into great boudoir photography. Katherine works with you to make sure all those boxes are checked and that you feel comfortable and confident the whole way through!

On the day of my shoot, I had my hair and makeup done by Tara (who is amazing!) and went next door to Katherine’s studio to spread out out all my outfits and talk through the plan. She modeled poses for me and played my favorite music as we moved around to different backdrops and props. Then, I put on one of my favorite sequin party dresses, and we headed outside for some super glamorous lifestyle shots!! I loved that she suggested that, because now I have a book of sexy photos for my boyfriend, but also some beautiful photos that are appropriate to frame for my mom!

Every woman should do a boudoir photo shoot at least once. I can’t wait to do another one with Katherine!


Katherine is absolutely amazing! She truly captures your personality in her photos! Highly recommend her for anyone who wants a great gift for a significant other or anyone who just needs to feel beautiful!

Miss P

missbMy husband’s 40th birthday and our 1st anniversary were within 3 weeks of each other, so I wanted to do something special.  In keeping with the paper theme of the 1st anniversary I decided to do a boudoir photo shoot with Katherine.  I am so glad I did!

I started off with hair and make-up by Tara at Tada and the look she created was fabulous.  I was a little nervous at first because prancing around in outfits only my husband sees, while someone I just met takes pictures, was a bit out of the ordinary.  But working with Katherine was so easy.  The direction she gave was easy to follow and I didn’t feel like I had to fake it.  When my husband saw the pictures even he commented on how natural and relaxed I looked.

And oh those pictures.  All I can say is “Wow.”  Not only did my husband love them (he printed and framed one immediately) but I keep flipping through the album myself and marveling at them.  The pictures are sexy, classy and fun.

This was such a great experience that I would definitely recommend Katherine to anyone thinking about doing a boudoir shoot.

Miss B

missk2Hi Katherine,

Thank you so much for an awesome morning! I had such a blast prancing around in my skivvies with you!! … You made the whole experience so comfortable and fun, and once we got started on our barre chat, I totally forgot I was half naked and laying on the bed! Also, thank you for giving such clear directions when we were photographing, and for helping me to decide on outfits. It was totally awesome of you to lend me your flowers and to let me wear all of my selections as well. I am looking forward to seeing you again at our viewing party. Until then, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

It turns out that mamas can be sexy too!!

Many thanks

Miss K

missaHi Katherine,

I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you again for yesterday. It was so much fun to work with you and Tara and get the opportunity to do something so completely out of my norm! I really appreciated your encouragement, guidance and kindness (especially with bags of lingerie to wade through!!). I felt so comfortable with you and even got to walk away with some pictures with my beloved peonies! I am so excited to come back for the viewing and create something B will really love.

Thank you again so so much

Miss A

missaHi Katherine,

I absolutely love the photos!  It really was difficult to choose between them all!  I’m excited see the album and I know I will be looking at the photos as frequently as my husband; Happy Anniversary to him, indeed!

So glad I found you, and so glad I did the boudoir shoot!  I loved every single minute of it – the hair, the makeup, the eyelashes (all thanks to Tara!), the outfits, the setting, and of course getting photographed by a talented photographer!

I am thinking I definitely need to get a few blown up to hang in my walk-in closet.  They are too pretty not to display!

Thanks Again!

Miss A

misskHi Katherine!

I just wanted to thank you so much for yesterday. I had such a great time! Thank you for making me feel so comfortable and confident! It was a wonderful experience for me and I’m so glad you were my photographer. I cannot wait to see how the pictures came out and get started on my album!


Miss K

The Best Boudoir!!! Katherine Henry Boudoir nails it with sweet and sultry sexy pics for that special someone or just to remind yourself how sexy you are! Katherine’s easygoing manner, experience, and kind direction make it effortless to achieve that sultry, sensual, boudoir-beautiful look! Katherine Henry Boudoir – definitely BEST OF BOSTON!!!!!


When I first thought about doing a boudoir session I immediately became nervous and timid. After doing extensive research I came across Katherine Henry Boudoir and immediately fell in love with her pictures. I kept thinking to myself…how am I going to look like these girls? I finally booked my appointment and it was by far the best experience I could have thought of! She was so kind, accommodating, and my pictures came out amazing! She is a true natural and knows how to capture the beauty of a woman but has a way of making you feel so comfortable. I would recommend her to anyone!


If you are even thinking about doing a boudoir session… YES you should do one, and you should definitely do it HERE!

A session with Katherine Henry Boudoir is super fun, confidence-boosting and (can’t believe I’m saying this) makes you feel incredibly sexy! I will cherish this experience, the pictures, and the memory of my shoot with Katherine for my whole life. Honest to goodness, I think every woman NEEDS to have this experience.

I remember looking around the internet, reading reviews and trying to figure out where I would go… this is your place! I recommend KHB 110%.

This lovely lady will make you feel like a million bucks. She is professional yet easy to talk to, she will answer all of your questions with thorough and thoughtful responses, she’ll help you plan your outfits, she’ll get you hooked up with her amazing hair & makeup artist… she is the whole deal.

I originally wanted to do this session as a gift for my fiancé, but it ended up being a gift for myself as well. Best decision ever. Thank you, Katherine!!!


missmKatherine is an absolute joy to work with. From scheduling your date through the entire Boudoir experience, Katherine makes sure that you are completely comfortable. Doing a Boudoir shoot is one of the best things I have ever done, and I love my little black book of photos!

Miss M

miskAs a new mom, I decided to treat myself to a budoir shoot with Katherine. It felt like such a celebration because it allowed me to take some much needed time for myself. As an added bonus, it really motivated me to bounce back after the baby.

My favorite thing about the shoot was that it forced me to re-discover my style because I had gotten into the habit of throwing on sweatpants and running out the door with the baby. My lingerie collection was virtually non-existent. I had so much fun shopping for the shoot, and Katherine offered some great suggestions. I actually gave her access to a private Pinterest board, so she was able to give me feedback about my selections.

If you are thinking of doing a shoot with Katherine, please do not hesitate. I was really nervous about it, but the nerves went away during the shoot. Plus, I am no supermodel! Like other moms, I have stretch marks, scars, and a saggy middle, but none of that matters! I am so glad that I put all of that aside because I really connected with myself and learned to love my post-baby body in this process. I really took these photos for myself, but my husband benefited from them too! 😉

Not to worry, Katherine is highly professional. She will protect your confidentiality. She made the experience so easy. She scheduled my hair and makeup appointment with Tara right next door,  and it all came out beautiful!! I attended a party on the evening of the shoot and I received so many compliments on my look!! I only wish I had found Tara earlier because I would have asked her to do my wedding hair and make-up. My hair does not usually hold a curl, yet the curls lasted late into the night.

Finally, Katherine offers an amazing album selection!! I bought a metal album and it came out so much better than I ever imagined!! I am so happy with the photos and I am so proud of myself for doing this!! If you considering a shoot with Katherine, don’t wait any longer, especially if you are a new mom. I am totally going to do this again after baby #2!! 🙂

Miss K

misskeI knew I wanted to do a boudoir shoot for my fiancé as soon as we got engaged. While researching photographers, I came across Katherine’s website and immediately fell in love with her photos and the beautiful layout of her site. I loved that Katherine seemed so normal and down to earth!

Katherine and I talked via email for months leading up to my shoot. I booked my shoot in December and we went back and forth on dates (because of my crazy schedule) until finally landing on one in May. Katherine was super flexible and understanding about my schedule and was always available to chat with me via email about anything related to my shoot. She sent me tips, ideas, checked out my Pinterest board and even played my favorite music!

The day of my shoot I had my hair and makeup done by the fabulous Tara of tada makeup and weddings — everything came out amazing! I was really nervous but immediately after meeting Katherine I felt comfortable. She had champagne for us, helped me choose my outfits and was so friendly and bubbly.

The shoot itself was so much fun! Katherine guided me through the poses in her adorable(!!!) studio and I not only felt comfortable but also confident! It was such an enjoyable experience working with her.

I went back to Katherine’s studio two weeks later to review my images. I was STUNNED. I couldn’t believe how amazing and beautiful the photos had come out! Katherine really knows what she’s doing and how to make the best version of you come through on camera. It was so hard to choose the photos for my album because they were all so good!

All in all, it was just wonderful working with Katherine and I can’t recommend her enough! I’m so excited for my album to come in and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Thank you so much Katherine for making me love boudoir! You’re the best.

Miss K

My session with Katherine was amazing! She made me feel confident and comfortable throughout the whole process. I would recommend for every woman at some point. It was really fun and kind of empowering!
It is such a pleasure to work with someone who is both professional and good at what they do. Katherine was very respectful of my privacy with the images as well, which I appreciated.
Claudia did a great job with my hair and makeup. By the time I stepped in front of the camera, I felt super glam! The photos are awesome!


misseSuch a great experience! Katherine makes everything really easy from start to finish – she is very responsive before and after the shoot, she has great ideas and tips, she helps guide you during the shoot with outfits and poses so no need for beginners like me to worry about looking silly or forced. 🙂 And the photos themselves are beautiful and tasteful. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a fun and special present for their loved ones (or themselves)!

Miss E

tracy_reviewI was so excited to have Katherine photo and be a part of my maternity session.  She is an amazing photographer and have always wanted her to capture the special moments leading up to becoming a mother. I will be a first time mom to our baby girl very shortly, and she made the experience so fun and enjoyable for my husband and I!

The day started off with a makeup and hair session from Tara at TADA, makeup & weddings, that was absolutely beautiful and made me feel even more special on this day!

We shot many moments inside her studio then outside to a wooded park where the sunlight was perfect. Katherine has quite an eye for locations. The scene was natural, serene, and she captured many beautiful and breathtaking photos with my baby bump!

I cannot say enough of the work, and talent that is Katherine Henry. I am so thankful she was able to do this session for me, my husband and I and for our little girl!

I would highly recommend Katherine to photo any expectant or new mom’s session! You will absolutely love the photos and be a present to treasure forever!


m_reviewKatherine was incredible! This woman makes you feel more like a close friend than a client- which is a fantastic feeling when you’re doing boudoir! She helped me pick out my outfits, showed me how to pose and gave continuous positive encouragement. I had a wonderful experience and I look forward to justifying future visits 🙂

Miss U

missdI had never even thought of doing a boudoir shoot until I randomly came across Katherine’s page, and I was instantly hooked on the idea. It was a couple months between the time I first contacted Katherine and actually had my shoot, and I sent her many emails with questions during that time, and she promptly responded to each one with great advice. If you are on Pinterest, she has some great pins with timelines and checklists for your shoot, along with great ideas for outfits and posing. I highly recommend that you make your own board of boudoir photos you like and sharing it with her, so that she has a good idea of what you’re looking for.

The day of my shoot, I had my hair and makeup done by Tara of Tada makeup and weddings, and she did a phenomenal job. Her studio is next door to Katherine’s, which is really convenient. I was nervous at the beginning of the shoot, but Katherine demonstrates the poses for you first, and really made me feel comfortable. Her studio is beautiful and has a bed and several different backdrops to pose in front of. The shoot was a lot of fun, and the hour flew by! I made sure to schedule a date night with my hubby that night to take full advantage of having my hair and makeup done.

When I went back to view my photos, I was really impressed. At first it felt kind of strange looking at photos of myself all done up and in my underwear, but I am absolutely thrilled with them and I can’t wait until I get them back and give them to my husband! I feel like Katherine really takes the time to try and get to know you and what you want out of your shoot. She pays attention to small details, from offering champagne with pretty straws, to playing my favorite music and having my Pinterest board up to refer back to during the shoot, I feel like these touches really make a difference and show that she cares about her clients and wants to make them happy. The whole experience was fantastic and was money well spent, and I can’t recommend Katherine Henry Boudoir enough!

Miss D

misslI can’t rave enough about my experience working with Katherine. She made everything so easy. From our first phone call together I knew I would like working with her.

Katherine is wonderful to work with because she is so friendly and a fantastic photographer.

Leading up to the photo shoot she was extremely helpful in making me feel comfortable and planning my outfits. During the shoot her space was welcoming and it was clear that she has a great attention to detail.

After the shoot I felt so confident and just wanted to do it all over again! I love all of my photos and the album we created is fantastic. I just know my husband will love it!

Miss L

misslI started chatting with Katherine a very long time before I actually booked my boudoir session. I was a little apprehensive about the idea, but I really wanted to try it. So by the time I got up the nerve to book with Katherine, I had gotten married and bought a condo! This would be my gift to my husband for our first Christmas as a married couple.

Katherine helped me through the entire process– from picking out the right clothing and accessories, to answering any random questions I had, to making me feel completely at ease on the day of the shoot. The entire experience was positive, and my nerves went right out the window as soon as I met her in person.

Getting my hair and makeup done by Tara made me feel SO glamorous! She is a master. And when it was time to get dressed and start shooting, I felt like a model. It was an unbelievable experience. While it helps to practice your poses and your “model face,” Katherine gives you so much direction and makes you look as good as possible. She does most of the poses herself first so you can see what she’s explaining to you. I didn’t want the session to end! I went on a Saturday, so after the shoot was over, I went out to dinner with my husband in my hair and makeup and felt amazing all night!

If you’re looking for a fun, relaxed, exciting, and confidence-boosting experience, you MUST work with Katherine Henry! You won’t be disappointed!

Miss L

I had an experience of a lifetime doing my session with Katherine and Tara. Tara is a pro artist did an amazing job on my hair and makeup. Katherine is a master photographer working with you every step of the process,  coordinating all aspects of the pictures while making you feel completely at ease to create  gorgeous results. Both are so much fun to work with and give you personlized attention  and they are genuinely special people. I would highly recommend them to anyone !

Miss M

missAI had the pleasure of working with Katherine and Karla from Swoone and they both made it a fun and comfortable experience. Katherine was a sweetheart and made me feel like a beautiful woman. Katherine offers a relaxed, fun studio with comfort and expertise.  I am thoroughly pleased with my photos! Thank you!

Miss A

missJKatherine Henry Boudoir was amazing for me, as I was turning 30, my husbands birthday was also approaching, and it was one year after I had my son I was ready to do something big for myself! I wanted to do something out of my comfort zone and give my husband a gift he would never expect! Katherine has a very private intimate setting to do these photos, and as scared as I was she made me feel comfortable! I gave her my vision and she made it happen! She directed me and made me look my best while still letting me give my input. When I met with her after she went over everything thoroughly and gave me plenty of options for what I could do with my photos. I will forever be grateful and happy I spent the money on such a fabulous experience!

Miss J

missMI had a not-so-great experience with another boudoir photographer I found through Groupon, but I decided I owe it to myself to give boudoir photography another try. This time I did my research thoroughly, and as soon as i found Katherine I knew I had the right person!

From the very first email she was friendly and courteous, and I could tell she was genuinely interested in giving me the the perfect experience. On the day of photography, she and Claudia made me feel completely at ease. Because of my first not-so-good experience, I was more vocal this time about how I want my makeup done and the poses I want to do, and Katherine and Claudia were great in accommodating my requests.

When I came back to look at the proofs, I can’t believe how beautiful all the pictures were! I wanted to do a 25 picture album but I had such a hard time narrowing the choices down I ended up adding extra pages. I am so happy with how everything turned out I can’t wait to get my hands on the album so I can share it with my husband. Thank you, Katherine, for your great work! Now I have another thing checked off my bucket list. 😉

Miss M

missEI can not thank you enough for my amazing boudoir shoot and photos! I’ve never like having my picture taken or really been very confident in my body or myself. After (much) convincing by some friends who had done shoots with you in the past, I decided to take the jump and give it a try. The morning of my shoot I contemplated calling you to cancel because I was so nervous, but I didn’t. I am so happy with choice that I made!

From the second I walked in, you made me feel nothing but 100% comfortable! Claudia was so sweet and did such a wonderful job with my hair and makeup! After getting past the initial nerves, I had so much fun with my shoot! You always had great suggestions of how to pose, where to look, ect. I adore my pictures and can not wait for my fiance to see them on our wedding day! Thank you again so much for giving me some of the first pictures of myself that I actual like!!

Miss E

After a disappointing first boudoir experience with an out-of-state photographer, I decided to give it another try with someone local. I am so glad that I found Katherine Henry.

From the very first e-mail, Katherine was wonderfully friendly, upbeat, and enthusiastic about giving me the great photos I hadn’t gotten from my previous shoot. Her studio is so conveniently located, just a few blocks from the commuter rail (important for those of us without cars). She and makeup artist Claudia Moriel greeted me with big smiles and made me feel totally comfortable. Claudia listened to my concerns about makeup (I rarely wore it and didn’t want to look too different from my usual self) and did an incredible job.

Katherine was quite pregnant at the time of my shoot, but that didn’t stop her from modeling poses for me or climbing up on things to get the right angle. We fit a ton of shots and three or four wardrobe changes into the hour-long shoot, but it never felt rushed. I was also impressed with the variety of backdrop options she had in the studio.

I think one of the biggest concerns women have about boudoir is that it will be awkward to be wearing almost nothing in front of a stranger. But I never felt the slightest bit awkward with Katherine, even during the implied-nude shots. We chatted and laughed throughout the shoot, and she consistently told me how great I was doing.

I came home from my session absolutely on cloud nine, but I was very nervous about seeing the photos. Well, my concerns were completely unfounded, because they were AMAZING. When I walked into my viewing session and saw the first photo up on the computer screen, I think I actually gasped. It was beautiful! I had no idea I could look that good. I am unbelievably happy with the photos, and my husband is a big fan as well. Last year around the holidays, Katherine offered a photo calendar, which I bought for my husband, and it has definitely been the gift that keeps on giving. He looks forward to the first day of every month to see which photo will be next.

I enjoyed the experience so much that I’ll be doing another shoot soon, and I can’t wait to work with Katherine again!

Miss J

missLI had such an amazing experience the first time around that after changing my hair color and getting inspired by some new outfits and life events, I couldn’t resist the urge to book another shoot!

I love working with Katherine because she will stop at nothing to make you look and feel your best. Don’t like that body part? She’ll focus elsewhere. Not sure how to position yourself? She’ll demonstrate. Can’t decide on an outfit? She’ll help you shop.

All I can say to Katherine is thank you, THANK you, THANK YOU for helping to make me look and feel amazing. Doing a shoot with you is a confidence boost like no other!

Miss L

missaI decided for a wedding present to give my fiance a boudoir photo shoot album.  I am not the smallest girl and was definitely super nervous about going in front of the camera.  I told my sister in law about my idea and she loved it so much she decided to sign up with me to give it as a gift for her husband and we went together to Katherines studio.   When we arrived we were both so so so nervous but Katherine and Claudia put us to ease right away.  They were both so down to earth, easy to talk to and lots of fun.  Our hair and makeup looked absolutely amazingggggg and I wish I had met Claudia sooner because I definitely would have hired her for my wedding makeup!! Katherine did a phenomenal job of positioning us based on how we were comfortable, getting all the right angles based on our body types, setting up awesome scenes for the pictures etc.  I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!! She was so professional and easy to talk to and just made you feel comfortable right away.  This week my sister in law and I went back to view our photos for the first time and I was completely blown away by how amazing they looked.  I honestly never would have thought that my pictures would be this gorgeous especially since I am not completely happy with how my body looks.   These photos were absolutely gorgeous and I loveeeeee them so much!! I can’t wait to show my hubby to be on our big day!! He’s going to LOVEEEE them!!  I would recommend anyone looking to do a boudoir photo shoot to hire Katherine!! It was such a fun experience and one that I will definitely do again!!! : )

Miss A

alexKatherine took our headshots for the new Heart Love Weddings launch. It was my second time being in front of her camera and honestly, I’ve never felt more comfortable!! Thank you, thank you, Katherine, for capturing the heart of both Mom and me!! I can’t recommend her more whole-heartedly!!


misssAfter a couple of months, oohing and ahhing over Katherine’s photography, I decided to book a boudoir session. Since the traditional first anniversary wedding gift is paper, I figured a book of pictures would be ideal for my husband, right?

I was super excited for the session, I had complete faith that Tara (of Tada Makeup) and Katherine would make me look my best.

Once my hair and makeup were completed by the über-talented Tara, I headed over to Katherine’s studio (they’re located next door in the same building). She has a couple of rooms in which to shoot and backdrops and props galore. Her and I assessed the outfits I would be wearing and made a game plan. Katherine’s input was invaluable – helping to decide which outfit would stand out against which background, instructing me on how to pose, and offering general encouragement! I was completely comfortable despite being in my underwear with someone who until recently was a stranger. Not only that, but I had a blast. I raved (and continue to rave) about it to my sisters and friends. I honestly think this experience should be on any woman’s bucket list.

Katherine and I were in touch in the weeks leading up to my proofs being available – she really is people-oriented and her attention to customers is incredible. Weeks later, I met with Katherine to review the photos, album options, etc. I was floored. The outcome was even better than I expected! We chose a great package which I am anxiously awaiting to gift my husband.

For a fun, confidence-boosting, relaxed yet professional session, I highly recommend booking with Katherine.

Miss S

mrslI’ve always wanted to do a boudoir shoot, but never had the confidence or knew how to find the right photographer. My friend did a shoot with Katherine and showed me her photos which immediately had me hooked! I scheduled the shoot with another friend who decided to do it as a wedding gift for her fiance. I definitely recommend going with a friend to help ease the nerves!

Little did I know when I booked 7 months in advance that I would wind up 12 weeks pregnant by the time of the shoot! Not only did my body cooperate thankfully, but Katherine was extremely helpful in helping me choose outfits and poses that were flattering.

Katherine made it extremely comfortable during the boudoir shoot and made me feel gorgeous. I’m so excited to show my husband his Birthday Gift! Thank you!!

Mrs. L

maricruzI heard about Katherine’s great work long before I met her. When one of my friends told me she was collaborating with her doing makeup, and she loved her work too, I immediately called to book my session.
I can’t say enough! From the minute I walked in her gorgeous studio she had a big, pleasant smile in her face, she made me feel at ease the whole time.
When my husband and I got the proofs we were blown away in how beautiful the pictures turn out to be!
Absolutely love her work and highly recommend her to anybody looking to have a fun, exciting and very professional boudoir or head shoot experience!


missjI was a little apprehensive about doing the whole boudoir shoot for my fiance for the wedding but a friend referred me to Katherine and I looked at her website and found beautiful and tasteful photos and decided to do it. From the minute I walked in the door Katherine made me feel nothing but comfortable and excited. I had the BEST time doing it! I brought a friend with me for support and we all had a blast. I am so happy with my photos and with the level of professionalism that Katherine showed throughout the whole process. I would recommend that if you are feeling a little uncomfortable about doing this whole thing then Katherine is your photographer. She’s amazing and makes every girl feel gorgeous! Jessica from Salon on Haven right down the street did my hair and makeup and it came out amazing too. Thank you for helping me give my fiance the biggest surprise present for our wedding!!

Miss J

s01After months of debating where to go/who to use for my first boudoir session, I found Katherine through a friend. I loved her website from the first click and knew I had to use her.

The day of the shoot I met Tara from Tada who did my makeup. Tara was AMAZING. If only she could do my hair and makeup every day!! Everything was perfect which made me more relaxed for my photo shoot.

Once hair and makeup was done I went into Katherine’s studio which is set up so beautifully you feel like you’re stepping into a friends apartment. We went through my outfit options and she showed me the various setups in the studio and from there we were off. I was a little nervous at first but quickly settled in to “super model” mode (or something like that). It was so fun being photographed by Katherine. She talked me through everything and helped relax my mind and put me at ease.

A few weeks later I was back in her studio ready to look at the proofs. I have to say, I was nervous to see them — not just because I want my boyfriend to love them, but also because I didn’t want to be too critical of my self when I looked at the end result. Well, I need not worry. The photos are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I loved so many of them I ended up buying a canvas and an xoxo book. I had not planned on doing that when I walked in but the photos were so amazing I had to get as many as possible.
Plus, I know my boyfriend will love them.

If you’re thinking about doing a boudoir shoot, Katherine is who you want to use. She is so talented and has great energy. You won’t be disappointed.

Miss S

m1I have been following Katherine’s work since the beginning and had always been completely in love with all of her photography. For years I have been trying to find a way to step in front of the camera and get some beautiful photos of my own. When she began doing boudoir shoots I knew that I had to try it!

I’m generally a goofy girl in front of the camera, and a bit of a tomboy, so the idea of coming across as sexy seemed near impossible to me. Katherine has a way of making you feel absolutely normal, like you’re wearing a t-shirt and jeans, while directing you into some effortless poses that come across beautifully in the photos.

While many women do boudoir as a gift to their significant others, I have to be honest- I was excited at the thought of pretending I was a glamorous model for a little while, despite feeling a little self-conscious and shy about it. My fiance will certainly benefit from the shoot, but I did it for myself, and am so glad I did! The photos are breathtaking. I can hardly believe it’s me! She truly has a gift for highlighting beauty in all its forms.

I would absolutely recommend Katherine and I can’t wait to find another reason to step in front of her camera again!

Miss M

k07Katherine is AMAZING!

I really wanted to do a boudoir shoot for my fiance as a wedding gift. I am a very shy and self-conscious person, so I was extremely hesitant to get them done. I did a lot of research, trying to find the best photographer for me. I came across Katherine’s work and reviews and she seemed like a perfect fit. From the very first email I received back from her I knew I had made the right choice. She never hesitated to answer any one of my hundreds of questions.

I convinced one of my best friends to do a shoot as well. We arrived the night of our shoots are were greeted so kindly by Katherine and Claudia. The studio is gorgeous! Claudia did our hair and makeup. Wow! She made me look and feel like a million bucks. When it was time to start, I warned Katherine about my awkwardness with posing for pictures. She reassured me I had nothing to worry about. Katherine was right. She would always tell me what pose she was going to have me in and then would demonstrate it so I would know exactly what to do. I have never felt more comfortable being in front of someone with barely any clothes on that I did with Katherine.

One of the little things that stood out while I was getting my pictures taken was how great Katherine made me feel about myself. As she took pictures she would say things like “oh nice, I love it”, “wow, that’s gorgeous” or “beautiful.” It gave me all the confidence I didn’t have before.

Last night, after much anticipation, I got to see my photos. They are unbelievable!Better than I ever imagined. I cannot wait until my fiance sees them. He’ll probably be on here writing a review on how great they are! I am so happy that I decided to do this shoot, and especially happy that I had Katherine do it.

So if any ladies out there are looking to do a boudoir shoot, PLEASE allow Katherine to do it. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Miss K

katie_reviewKatherine was so fantastic to work with for my first boudoir shoot. She answered all of my questions and instantly made me feel at ease in front of the camera.

I was really impressed with her studio and the diverse set up that she provides; it is absolutely gorgeous and offers a variety of options for interesting back drops.

Katherine was very helpful in setting up a customized package that was perfect for me, including professional hair and makeup. I would strongly recommend having your hair and makeup done as it just completes the entire experience.

I will be going back to Katherine for future shoots. She is just THAT fantastic!

Katie B

w01I had such a great experience with Katherine and Tara for my boudoir photo shoot. I had always imagined having a boudoir session after a glass (or 2!) of champagne to calm my nerves, but having found out I was 7 weeks pregnant this was not a possibility! However, the champagne was not at all necessary as Katherine has this wonderfully unique mix of being laid back and outgoing, and she eased me into the shoot. My hair and makeup looked amazing thanks to Tara – I looked like the most perfect version of myself I could imagine. We experimented with different props and backdrops, and the photos turned out beautiful, unique, and flattering (which was important with my growing baby bulge!) It is such a special idea for a wedding-day gift for the groom, or a 1st “paper” anniversary gift. My husband loved it! I would recommend Katherine to anyone looking to have gorgeous, tasteful, and sexy photos taken.

Miss W

h011A friend of mine did a boudoir shoot with Katherine and raved about her. I had been toying with the idea of doing a shoot for a while, and after I heard about my friend’s experience with Katherine, I knew I had to give it a try.

I was nervous going into it, but Katherine and Claudia immediately put me at ease. Both of them were so easy to talk to and so genuinely excited about my shoot, my fears immediately disappeared. I was very surprised by how comfortable I felt.

Claudia did an amazing job with my hair and makeup. I even received a compliment from a complete stranger on my way home!

I was very excited to see my proofs, and I was impressed with Katherine’s talent. I was even more impressed when I saw the beautiful and artful way Katherine arranged the images in my album proof. She truly has an amazing eye for arranging the images in exactly the right way. I was floored!

If you are on the fence at all because you are nervous, I can tell you that you will not regret signing on with Katherine. She will make the entire experience easy and comfortable from start to finish, not to mention lots of fun!

Ms K

n04Katherine is AMAZING!

Boudoir photography has been on my list of “To Do’s” for a few years now. I’ve always wanted to make this shoot all about me and truly express myself in a way that most feel is far too daring. I searched for a long while for the “right” photographer; one that understood that boudoir means sexy, sultry, confidence, sass, and above all class and sophistication. After falling in love with Ms. Claudia Moriel’s makeup artistry, I knew her tag team approach with Ms. Katherine Henry would be a winning combination. And it was! My makeup was stunning and flawless, with the dramatic eyes I always play up, and shooting in Katherine’s charming studio was fabulous! The studio is private, intimate, and full of possibilities. Furthermore, Katherine is a doll! She is more than capable of reassuring you and making you feel comfortable. She also keeps the focus on YOU and your needs … I was extremely comfortable showing off the various aspects of my personality, which ranges from fun, flirty, energetic to confident, sultry, sensual. Needless to say, the photos reflect the many facets of “moi” and they are STUNNING! As I suspected, I’m addicted to boudoir photography and CANNOT wait to do it again.

Miss N

Booking a boudoir shoot can leave you nervous and anxious and worried about everything from what to wear to that new gray hair to that last 5 pounds you just can’t shed…UNTIL YOU TALK TO AND MEET KATHERINE. Actually doing the shoot with her left me feeling empowered and beautiful and sexy. Katherine will give you as much or as little direction as you want, in terms of what to wear, how to accessorize, and how to pose (she’ll even demonstrate!), but at the end of the day, she will capture you at your best, the you that you didn’t even know was in there.

Miss L

m01I’ve had many shoots, and I can sincerely say that my experience with Katherine and her MUA Tara was the most enjoyable yet. They’re both so personable and outgoing, not to mention talented. This was my first boudoir shoot and I was anxious to see how the pictures would come out.. I loved every one of them! I would LOVE to work with them again in the future.. whenever I come across ideas that I’d love to recreate she is the first person that comes to mind given her personality and talent. I can guarantee that anyone else who works with her will have nothing short of an amazing experience!


“Like most girls, I wanted to do the boudoir shoot as a gift for my fiance for our wedding. Katherine told me I wouldn’t regret it, and I read that other girls were thrilled with their experience. I committed to a date and wanted to look my best.

One month before the shoot, I tried to back out. I hadn’t been working out like I should have, and wasn’t happy with what I saw in the mirror. I was convinced by Katherine to stick it out. I figured, whatever I didn’t like about my body, I could cover up.

The day came, and I packed my outfits, went to my location and had my makeup done. I felt so sexy & seductive! 3 sips of champagne and a face full of makeup was all I needed! After the first pose, I realized that I wasn’t looking in the mirror at myself, therefore I couldn’t be judgemental of my own body. I was posing for the camera with an expert that would never position me poorly or make me look bad. Katherine complimented every outfit suggestion, gave me fun ideas of how to use a pillow, sheet or steamy bathroom mirror, and always said “I love this shot”. I believed her, and when I saw my pictures, I loved every shot too. I’ll never regret doing it!”

Miss A

I did a boudoir shoot with Katherine before getting married in June and gave them to my new husband before the wedding. I arrived at the studio and was super nervous, but Katherine was so friendly and welcoming, that I immediately felt comfortable! TARA makeup did a great job before, and then Katherine and I got to start the fun! I was the first to get to use her new studio, and it is just gorgeous!! All the different backdrops are so fun and made beautiful pictures! Katherine was so helpful in showing me how to pose and making me feel beautiful. When the photos were done, I couldn’t even believe they were of me! Katherine is so skilled at posing people and finding beautiful shots. I had so much fun and would recommend Katherine to anyone looking to do a boudoir shoot.

Miss C

mrsSravesAfter working with Katherine for our wedding photos, I knew she would make me look beautiful – and of course, she did! I did the session for hubby’s 30th – he LOVED it. Of course I was nervous, but once the session got moving along, I loosened up. Wish I smiled a bit more in the beginning of the session. It is a great time to get pampered and have some fun!

Mrs. S

missAravesMy friend had been talking about doing a boudoir session for an anniversary present for a year now and when she found Katherine, she told me about it, and we booked a session together! It was seriously SO much fun! I was nervous of course, as this is completely out of my comfort zone, but Katherine is so laid back and easy going, she really put me at ease. The champagne helped of course, as did having a friend there. Who doesn’t love getting your make up done with a friend?! And the makeup was amazing, didn’t want to take it off afterwards! After seeing the proofs I was amazed at how good I actually looked! Katherine was really good at suggesting poses (I hadn’t really done much research and I at first wished I had) and she knew what would look flattering. I am so happy with how everything came out, I can hardly wait to get the album to give to my fiancé the night before our wedding day! It was so much fun and I would love to do it again!


mrsaravesI couldn’t be happier with my experience with Katherine. I’ve been wanting to do something like this for years but just couldn’t find the right person/company to do it. I had been planning this for my first anniversary present and emailed multiple photographers, but once I read Katherine’s email I knew this was the one. My friend and I did it together and had an amazing experience. Katherine made us both feel so comfortable and Claudia’s makeup was amazing, we didn’t want to wash our faces! It’s probably one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. Now after seeing the results and the album proof I am ecstatic and can’t wait to see my husbands face when I give it to him. My friend and I can’t stop saying how excited we are. I’m already trying to think of an excuse to do it again:)

Mrs. A

I loved working with Katherine! I bought a Gilt City deal for a boudoir session because I had been thinking about doing it for my 1st wedding anniversary, but I got kind of lazy and it ended up being for my 2nd. 🙂 Katherine answered all of my questions (especially about photoshopping) and she was super patient with me.

Claudia did my hair and makeup and I didn’t want to take it off at the end of the day. I looked awesome! Katherine made me feel really comfortable during the whole session and my pictures turned out amazing! I highly recommend working with Katherine.

Mrs. P

I am so happy I finally got the courage to do a photo shoot with you, I wish I had done it a long time ago! I was very nervous going into the session but after just a couple of minutes felt totally at ease. I didn’t have a single thing to be stressed about because you pay attention to all the little details. I love that I was able to have my session with another friend who was able to join in the fun with her own set of photos. As usual, you were extremly creative and talented and made us feel completley comfortable. This will be one of those things I will remember to tell other friends about and encourage for bachlorette parties, or significant other gifts. I signed up for the session as a suprise gift for my husband and can’t wait to see the look of shock and surprise on his face when he sees the pictures for the first time. I know he’s going to have a lot of big thank you’s to you as well. Can’t wait to see the photos!!

Miss L


I scheduled a boudoir session with Katherine as a wedding gift for my fiancé.  I had so much fun choosing outfits and Katherine was a great help with suggestions on styles for variety and color. I chose white “bridal” lingerie, a corset and was able to sneak away one of my fiancé’s military shirts! One of my friends scheduled an appointment for the same day, which was a blast! We had our make-up done together and she was a great support during the session! I was a little nervous just before the shoot, but once we started taking pictures I was more relaxed than I thought I would be. Katherine is professional and creative; she makes you feel beautiful and comfortable.  Her expertise was evident through the variety of poses she suggested and her attention to detail with hair, outfits and lighting. I would highly recommend her!!

Miss J

MissCraves“Before my session, I was a little nervous about wearing little to nothing infront of someone that I had never met before. But, Katherine made me feel comfortable from the beginning! She showed me examples of pictures that I could do and even got into positions herself to show me how to do it. It was an awesome shoot! I gave the pictures to my hubby for a wedding gift, and he was blown away! I highly recommend Katherine for any Boudoir Photo Shoot!”

MIss C

“Hey ladies, lest you think boudoir is only for the young and firm, I had a session with Katherine because I wanted to give my husband something special for our 25th anniversary. She made me feel beautiful and sexy and not tawdry. I was 54 when I had the pictures taken and my husband’s jaw dropped when he saw them. He still looks at the book every now and then and it puts a huge smile on his face (and mine too!).”

Miss A

missT“Katherine and I have been friends for a long time and after always looking at her pictures on the blog, I’ve always wanted to do a boudoir session. I’ve always been a bit nervous about this kind of thing, since I’m not super skinny like all the underwear models you see on any website you go to. Since Katherine was offering a marathon session, I thought now would just be the best time to go for it. I had so much fun putting together outfits and shopping for the session. When I got to the session, Katherine was so helpful in deciding what went good together, what colors would look best in different shoots, what accessories to wear, etc. She made me feel extremely comfortable and great about how I looked in front of the camera and I stopped worrying about feeling fat or chunky in any of the pictures. Once I saw the pictures, I was floored! They wereabsolutely amazing! Katherine helped make me look fantastic! These were also going to be a surprise Christmas gift to my boyfriend and once he opened them, he was super happy. He loved every single picture and told me they were beautiful! He has a couple framed prints on his side of the closet and looks at them every morning! It makes me feel absolutely wonderful! Thanks Katherine! I will definitely recommend you to everyone!!”

Miss T

“Not only was it an incredibly fun experience and one in which Katherine made me feel really comfortable and relaxed – but the results were fantastic!  Beautiful photos, professional quality and beautiful lighting.  My fiancé’s jaw dropped when he saw the photos!”

Miss L

“I have wanted to do a boudoir photo session as a gift to my husband for quite a while.  I finally got the courage to do it when a friend agreed to book a session with me.  We ended up making a girls night of it and having a blast!  I am so glad we chose Katherine because she made the entire process a breeze!  Right from the beginning she set the tone for a relaxed and fun evening.  She was easy to talk to and gave great ideas for both fun and sexy poses.  With her guidance, I was feeling relaxed and confident (which is not always easy for me!) which really made a difference in the photos.  I was absolutely thrilled with the finished product and cannot wait to see my husbands reaction when he opens his album for Christmas!”

Miss M

“Working with Katherine was great as she made me feel very comfortable. The pictures came out great and were delivered quickly.  I would definitely work with Katherine again in the future.”

Miss K

“I couldn’t believe how comfortable and confident and sexy I felt during the shoot, or how much I honestly couldn’t wait to see the photos!  And now, at last, the photos are ready.  As someone who has always struggled with body image and self-confidence, opening up the gallery was a somewhat frightening process, notwithstanding how amazing the shoot was.  But any worry was totally misplaced, as I’m so happy with the photos.”

Miss L

rave02“I was going through something very challenging in my life and it wasn’t until a very dear friend of mine said, “You love the camera. Do this shoot with me.” Feeling a little nervous about doing a boudoir shoot, I found the courage to stand tall and try something new. And it was Katherine and her team who made such a difference! Katherine was understanding and she immediately helped me to feel comfortable. It takes a particular photographer to make you feel good about yourself. Katherine did that within seconds and I am so happy. Now, I look at those photos and I see what I was yearning to see: me, surviving as I journey on this new path. A big thank you to Katherine: you did more for me than these words can describe. Your talent is extraordinary and I was so fortunate to have had this opportunity with you. I cannot wait till the next one…”

Miss A

missa“Okay… wow! When I get my thoughts of appreciation in true order, I’ll write a more proper thank you, but I’m so thrilled with these images (I adore the veil pictures, and the images with the bow tie…YES! My husband is going to flip!) It was fun to relive the photo shoot through looking at these, but it did more than transport me back to that day. This whole experience really helped me grow in a way that surprised me. Throughout my life, I’ve struggled with my body image, so doing something like this was a challenge to myself. It came with a great reward. I’m so happy I found you. You were absolutely the perfect person to bring me on this small journey of self discovery. Thank you for making me feel so comfortable and for being so kind.”

Miss A