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I was on another podcast! I love podcasts so much, it’s like having a great conversation with a friend!

Here is the scoop on what you will hear when you listen (taken right from the “People Behind Business” site)

At some point in your business, you’ll find yourself having to go in front of a camera. This can be extremely terrifying if you’re not used to it.
Especially if you struggle with insecurities about either the way you talk or some part of your body. That’s exactly why the next two episodes are conversations in two parts with a photographer, and a visibility specialist.
Welcome to part one of this series where I talk to a professional boudoir photography about how she builds trust and helps her clients overcome their insecurities about their bodies.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with boudoir photography, it is a type of photography which traditionally captures its subjects in private, intimate settings such as a hotel or bedroom. The intimate nature of the settings where these photos are taken creates a classy, romantic look.
In this episode, you’ll learn exactly how Katherine Henry prepares her clients for a boudoir photo shoot.
What this episode covers:

  • The goal of the photos that Katherine takes, and also her business
  • What is Boudoir photography
  • What Katherine loves the most about her niche
  • Why her client’s comfort is more important than the tradition of Boudoir
  • How she helps her clients overcome their nervousness about being on camera, and how getting to know each other really helps.
  • How being vulnerable and goofy all at the same time helps make her clients feel comfortable
  •  The one thing she wishes more people knew about photoshoots: there is never a perfect time to do it. Being “you” makes the photos far better!
  • How Katherine’s questionnaire makes a huge difference for preparing her clients for a photoshoot
  • What the questionnaire covers: common client concerns and what questions she asks to spark answers…
  • How focusing more on what her clients consider to be the most flattering helps Katherine figure out what she should focus on.
  • Katherine’s theory on where client insecurities come from: social media and magazines with models with “perfect” abs and etc. And why she thinks that’s the case.
  • How putting photos in her studio of people of all shapes and sizes helps keep peoples’ insecurities at bay.
  • How things are changing with various brands showing more diverse body types in their ads.
  • When her clients are at their best selves: ten minutes into the session, and why she thinks that’s the case.
  • Why Katherine finds that talking a lot during sessions helps people get a really natural smile, and why she thinks that’s so important.
  • How Katherine’s photo shoot process is consistent but adapts to suit different preferences.
  • How Katherine’s makeup artists contribute to the overall process.
  • The importance of doing a little bit of research online, before doing a boudoir shoot, according to Katherine.
  • How encouraging clients to send her examples of what styles they like helps her determine what will be the most natural.
  • Why she recommends telling the makeup artist what you consider to be natural makeup.
  • The most important takeaway of this episode about body image. “Everybody’s beautiful” and why it’s always more about the actual moment the photo was taken rather than the person’s appearance.
  • Why one of Katherine’s goals is to get more maternity clients.

About Katherine Henry:
Katherine has always had an interest in photography and during college she studied both photography and graphic design. She received her degree in Visual Arts. She loves using her design background throughout her photography business.
After college, she worked full-time as an in-house designer for 8 years. She was still taking photos and started picking up weddings on the weekends! Her brides were starting to ask about Boudoir photos and that was when it all started to happen.
Over the next few years, she shifted from weddings and boudoir to completely focusing on boudoir. She loves everything about a boudoir session from the hair and makeup to all the fashion, and the best part is watching her clients feel empowered, confident and strong. Each client has their own story and reasons for coming to the studio. Some women come to celebrate an upcoming wedding, some are celebrating a milestone and others are treating themselves after a life change.
She opened her studio location in Reading, MA in 2012, and business has continued to grow year over year, as more women learn about boudoir and hear about the experience from their friends who have also done sessions.
Where you can find Katherine online:
Instagram: @kahenry
Website: www.khboudoir.com