Women 2 Women Interview

This past year I’ve shared Boudoir in some cool new ways for me! I was interviewed on a Podcast (What’s Your Secret) and was also interviewed and filmed for a great show that can be seen on TV and youtube called Women2Women Today!

Jen, our┬áhost, came to the studio to learn more about Boudoir and experience her own shoot! We sat down to talk about why women come to me, why I love boudoir and how ladies feel when they complete a shoot. Then we walked into Tara’s studio and Jen was pampered as we chatted some more.

One of my favorite things about this segment is that you can see what it’s like being in Tara’s chair (so fun and chatty!) and also what it’s like in front of the camera (I walk you through everything!)

If you are interested in a shoot, or just want to learn more about how I work I would love for you to watch Women2Women! Stay tuned for the images that resulted from this shoot as well!