Miss M

Claudia and I had so much fun working with Miss M on her Boudoir shoot. I love looking through outfits with clients and get so excited when I see something new and different. Miss M brought an amazing piece that was part corset and part chunky lace. It was so flattering and also photographed beautifully, so worth it to think outside the box when doing your lingerie shopping. Miss M found this one online, I’m a HUGE fan of online shopping – you confined the best stuff!

Miss M made a beautiful album as a gift for her boyfriend. I tell everyone who comes through the studio doors that it is going to be hard to wait and give your gift. Miss M is another awesome example of a beautiful lady who couldn’t wait…she gave the book a few days early (once it arrived). Happens all the time!!! LOVE IT!

Hair/makeup by Claudia Moriel

Katherine Henry Boudoir: Boston Boudoir Photography