Laura: Part 3

After Laura’s casual and sexy look we thought it would be fun to go in a totally different direction…the corset! We wanted to show how you can bring your Boudoir look from the bedroom to a night out with friends or a date night!

For this post I’ll be sharing the bedroom look. A corset is always flattering and a lot of fun to wear during a boudoir session. It brings out all those natural curves you have! The corset featured here¬†sold online here. I love the look and feel of this piece. Just wait until you see how we put together our night out look!

Makeup: Claudia Moriel
Model + Hair: Laura Patricia
Hair Styling Tool: XO Styling Iron (Use code XOKHB to save 20%)
Wardrobe: L’ecole Nuit¬†(Use code KATHERINEHENRY to receive 15% off)

Katherine Henry Boudoir: Boston Based Boudoir Photographer