Past Clients – I need your help! (Contest!!!)

Hello Ladies! There is nothing I enjoy more than a fun contest, so let’s do it!

I’m looking for your help putting together a fun little video for my site of your significant others receiving, opening and/or enjoying their gifts. Did you take a photo at your wedding? Have you spied him peeking at his album when he thought no one was looking? Take a pic and send it my way!

Did you make your album as a gift to yourself? I would love to see YOU with your album! Show it off, you look amazing!

Lastly, have you been wearing your KHB tank to the gym? The beach? A bar? Show me! I want to see as many of you in your tanks as I can. Get creative and have fun!

For every photo or video you send you will be entered to win a free session! The session is non transferable (I’m excited to see YOU back here!) and must take place by the end of 2015 (plenty of time to plan).

I’ll be drawing a winner on July 1st so get those photos in! You can email them my way…..don’t wait!

Remember the more photos you send the more times you are entered! So send a bunch!

Katherine Henry Boudoir: Win a FREE Session!