Sexy Holiday Wish List Ideas

With the Holidays approaching it’s time to make those Wish Lists to share with your significant other and friends. I thought it would be fun to feature a few of my favorites right now and what I’m wishing for!! (Hope my Hubby is reading this!)

Katherine Henry Boudoir: Sexy Holiday Wish List

1. Snow Day Onsie: As soon as I saw this sweater onsie I wanted to put it on, sit by the fire and drink hot chocolate! Plus, I think it would look AMAZING in a photo shoot. I have a tendency to buy things thinking “Photoshoot!!” too often.

2. Clo Intimo Fortuna Bralet: I few clients have worn this bralet after visiting Forty Winks and I LOVE it! It is so flattering and I think would look great under tanks in the summer. I like wearing low tanks and having just a little bit of a pretty bra peek out.

3. Chambers Wrap Legwarmer: These look so cozy! My husband and I like to curl up and watch our favorite TV shows at night before bed, and these would be so cozy for sitting on the couch. I’m not going to lie – I can also imagine wearing them while editing lovely client photos while in my PJs!

4. Mommy Necklace: Being a Mommy is the best! I love being able to show off to the world my number 1 job! This necklace is the cutest, love the little sparkle. It would definitely jazz up my outfits on playdate days. (Other options are available including Mrs. and #wifey)

5. Casey Pump: The lace ankle detail on this shoe is so pretty! I love dressing up for the Holidays, whether it’s for family dinners or parties. What a perfect shoe!

6. The Women I wanted to Be, Diane von Furstenberg: I love to read whenever I can and I’m really looking forward to this book. My favorites recently are definitely the books telling the stories of strong business women.

7. Gingerbread Set: I just have to include this because it’s adorable!!! It’s important to have the right outfit for all occasions and the same goes for your lingerie!

8. Loubi Under Red: How fun is this?!?! You can paint the underside of your nails or use the thin brush to add details to the top nail. So fun and festive for the Holidays!

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