#iheartKHBoudoir: Women Crush Wednesday Edition

So as you may or may not know I’m running a fun promotion right now for all past and current clients! Once you have your product there is even more fun to be had, all you need to do is post a photo on your social media of choice (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and tag #iheartKHBoudoir and also include my url: www.khboudoir.com. Make sure you let me know too, I don’t want to miss it!

As a thank you I’m creating a special photo gift using your photos. Any KHB moment will work – wearing your tank, your favorite photo, giving your album, be creative. I’ll be sharing the posts on my FB page and also here so you can all see how great they are! (Names will be blurred for privacy)

Here are two favorites and I’m sharing them on #WCW (Women Crush Wednesday) because you can totally tell who these guys are crushing on! Enjoy….and get your honey in on the fun too!

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