Libby: Part 2

I can’t wait to share more from Libby’s shoot in the woods! Although these photos look sunny and warm Libby was a trooper and hid any coldness she was feeling. These were taken a few months ago and everyone in New England knows that we had a slow start to the spring (can we even call it that?). Thank goodness it’s finally summer now!

Tara is some amazing styling with the shear lace dress over a bright bra. Libby’s own boots were perfect and completed the look. Make sure you check out Part 1 of Libby and stay tuned for Part 3 soon!

Photography: Katherine Henry Boudoir
Hair/makeup: tada
Styling: tada
Wardobe: Free People Burlington
Model: Libby
Florals: Whole Foods
Assistant: Rachel

Katherine Henry Boudoir + tada. Boho Styled Boudoir Shoot with Free People