Hints for Beautiful Implied Nudes

I love ending each of my sessions with “Sheet Shots”. These images are implied nudes and are always a favorite with clients. Every time I do a viewing and clients see their set of “Sheet Shots” they fall in love and comment about how they are fast favorites.

From jewels to hosiery, I wanted to create a fun list of items that you can bring to your session to get amazing images! I’ve even included a tip for the woman who might not be comfortable with just a sheet, but still wants to look of an implied nude.

Independent lingerie stores have beautiful selections and unique pieces. It can be a lot of fun to step outside the big stores you find at the mall plus you can shop local! All the lingerie featured below is from Forty Winks in Cambridge, MA. Check them out if you are in the area or shop them online!

Pin and save this list to help make your planning easier!

Make the most of your Implied Nudes with these tips! credit: Katherine Henry Boudoir