5 Reasons to book your session now! No more excuses.

 No more excuses! Here are 5 reasons why you should book your Boudoir session today!  You know you've been eyeing pics on Pinterest an now it's your turn! credit: Katherine Henry Boudoir www.khboudoir.com

1. You Look Amazing TODAY
I’m always hearing this statement, “I need to loose 5 pounds before I do a session.” This is not true, you look amazing today! If you are thinking of doing this as a gift for your significant other I can assure you they also agree that you look beautiful today. Embrace the moment and capture what you look like right now. Did you recently have a baby? Did you just get married? Did you hit your first (of many) fitness goals? Capture this exact moment in your life, you will love looking back and remembering what you looked like now. Just think… you could always do another session to capture the next moment!

2. Do This for You 
I often hear from ladies that they don’t have a boyfriend or husband right now, so they have no one to give the photos to. Don’t think about the Boudoir experience this way. Many clients come to the studio and first tell me it’s to make an album for their fiancé or husband, but after they are done they will admit that it was something they wanted to do for themselves and they are so happy they did! I think the idea of doing Boudoir as a gift can be an accuse to get you thinking about a session, but it does not need to be the reason behind the session. Are you celebrating a birthday or job well done – reward yourself with Boudoir!

3. The Time is Now
It’s so easy to think you will have more time in a few months, or once the busy season at work slows down. The truth is, there will always be something going on that could be used as an excuse. It’s important to schedule some fun activities that let you take a break from the busy more hectic stuff in life. Enter Boudoir! Book your session a few months in advance and it will give you something fun to look forward to and even set goals around! We are all taking time out of our days for un-fun things like doctor appointments and car repairs, so why not schedule a day for you! It will be way more fun – I promise!

4. No experience needed
You do not need to be an experienced model to have a boudoir session taken. Boudoir is for everyone from the bride-to-be to the mom of three. Your photographer will walk you through all the ins and outs of posing. My clients know I get right in there and pose with you – even when I was 9 months pregnant! (That was challenging and I’m sure amusing to watch!) Take a look online and at some magazines before your session, it’s also totally normal to practice some looks in front of a mirror. See if you like a full smile with your teeth or a more demure smile best.

5. You Deserve it
You work hard everyday, you deserve some pampering and fun. Whether it’s on the job or at home with your family, you are focusing your days on others and now it’s time for you! Take a break from your responsibilities for a few hours and do something for just you.