Your Boudoir Countdown!

Counting down to your Boudoir session: A week-by-week guide of helpful hints

3-5 Months before Session
• If giving images as a gift think about when you need them. Make sure to talk this over with your photographer and learn her timeline for final delivery. You don’t want to be rushing at the end, so give yourself lots of wiggle room.

1-2 Months before session
• Start your shopping! If ordering online you may want to order a variety of sizes so you can get the right fit. It’s always good to have extra options on the day of the shoot.

4 Weeks before
• Try on your looks! Your online purchases should have arrived by now. Lay them out with your in-store buys and see how everything looks together. Make sure you are liking the fit and styles. Your photographer will be able to help give a second set of eyes and help with what makes the cut and what doesn’t on shoot day. So bring even the items you aren’t sure of with you on shoot day.

• Be extra careful when in the sun. Lots of sunscreen to avoid tan lines and irritations!

3 Weeks before
• Time to shoe shop! You won’t want scuffed up shoes in your photos so use this as a great time to pick out something new. Added Bonus: You will be ready for your next date night or girls night out too!

2 Weeks before
• Inspiration time! Start looking through magazines and online for images you like. You might feel silly but practicing some looks in a mirror is a great idea as well! Pinterest is a great place to start, check out my boards for wardrobe ideas, posing and more!

1 Week before
• Get your waxing/tweezing done. Doing this a week before will reduce redness on the day of the shoot and if anything were to go wrong you have time to fix it!

• Hair touch ups! Cover any roots you don’t want showing in the photos. I nice trim to straighten edges is always a good idea too!

Just days before
• Treat yourself to a mani and pedi – you’ll want to show off those pretty nails.

• Beauty rest is key! Get in your Zzzzzs! (I know this is hard with all the excitement!)

• Eat well and drink lots of water.  You’ll want to be feeling your best on shoot day.

The day of your shoot! 
• Have Fun! You are amazing and will always look back at this day and remember how wonderful you felt. You may have booked a session to give as a gift – but today is all about you! Be pampered and let out your inner supermodel!