Miss L Raves

After a couple of months, oohing and ahhing over Katherine’s photography, I decided to book a boudoir session. Since the traditional first anniversary wedding gift is paper, I figured a book of pictures would be ideal for my husband, right?

I was super excited for the session, I had complete faith that Tara (of Tada Makeup) and Katherine would make me look my best.

Once my hair and makeup were completed by the über-talented Tara, I headed over to Katherine’s studio (they’re located next door in the same building). She has a couple of rooms in which to shoot and backdrops and props galore. Her and I assessed the outfits I would be wearing and made a game plan. Katherine’s input was invaluable – helping to decide which outfit would stand out against which background, instructing me on how to pose, and offering general encouragement! I was completely comfortable despite being in my underwear with someone who until recently was a stranger. Not only that, but I had a blast. I raved (and continue to rave) about it to my sisters and friends. I honestly think this experience should be on any woman’s bucket list.

Katherine and I were in touch in the weeks leading up to my proofs being available – she really is people-oriented and her attention to customers is incredible. Weeks later, I met with Katherine to review the photos, album options, etc. I was floored. The outcome was even better than I expected! We chose a great package which I am anxiously awaiting to gift my husband.

For a fun, confidence-boosting, relaxed yet professional session, I highly recommend booking with Katherine.

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