Miss A Raves

Like most girls, I wanted to do the boudoir shoot as a gift for my fiancé for our wedding. Katherine told me I wouldn’t regret it, and I read that other girls were thrilled with their experience. I committed to a date and wanted to look my best.

One month before the shoot, I tried to back out. I hadn’t been working out like I should have, and wasn’t happy with what I saw in the mirror. I was convinced by Katherine to stick it out. I figured, whatever I didn’t like about my body, I could cover up.

The day came, and I packed my outfits, went to my location and had my makeup done. I felt so sexy & seductive! 3 sips of champagne and a face full of makeup was all I needed! After the first pose, I realized that I wasn’t looking in the mirror at myself, therefore I couldn’t be judgemental of my own body. I was posing for the camera with an expert that would never position me poorly or make me look bad. Katherine complimented every outfit suggestion, gave me fun ideas of how to use a pillow, sheet or steamy bathroom mirror, and always said “I love this shot”. I believed her, and when I saw my pictures, I loved every shot too. I’ll never regret doing it!

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