Miss K Raves

Katherine is AMAZING!

I really wanted to do a boudoir shoot for my fiance as a wedding gift. I am a very shy and self-conscious person, so I was extremely hesitant to get them done. I did a lot of research, trying to find the best photographer for me. I came across Katherine’s work and reviews and she seemed like a perfect fit. From the very first email I received back from her I knew I had made the right choice. She never hesitated to answer any one of my hundreds of questions.

I convinced one of my best friends to do a shoot as well. We arrived the night of our shoots are were greeted so kindly by Katherine and Claudia. The studio is gorgeous! Claudia did our hair and makeup. Wow! She made me look and feel like a million bucks. When it was time to start, I warned Katherine about my awkwardness with posing for pictures. She reassured me I had nothing to worry about. Katherine was right. She would always tell me what pose she was going to have me in and then would demonstrate it so I would know exactly what to do. I have never felt more comfortable being in front of someone with barely any clothes on that I did with Katherine.

One of the little things that stood out while I was getting my pictures taken was how great Katherine made me feel about myself. As she took pictures she would say things like “oh nice, I love it”, “wow, that’s gorgeous” or “beautiful.” It gave me all the confidence I didn’t have before.

Last night, after much anticipation, I got to see my photos. They are unbelievable!Better than I ever imagined. I cannot wait until my fiance sees them. He’ll probably be on here writing a review on how great they are! I am so happy that I decided to do this shoot, and especially happy that I had Katherine do it.

So if any ladies out there are looking to do a boudoir shoot, PLEASE allow Katherine to do it. I promise you will not be disappointed. 🙂

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