Miss L Raves

I am so happy I finally got the courage to do a photo shoot with you, I wish I had done it a long time ago! I was very nervous going into the session but after just a couple of minutes felt totally at ease. I didn’t have a single thing to be stressed about because you pay attention to all the little details. I love that I was able to have my session with another friend who was able to join in the fun with her own set of photos. As usual, you were extremly creative and talented and made us feel completley comfortable. This will be one of those things I will remember to tell other friends about and encourage for bachlorette parties, or significant other gifts. I signed up for the session as a suprise gift for my husband and can’t wait to see the look of shock and surprise on his face when he sees the pictures for the first time. I know he’s going to have a lot of big thank you’s to you as well. Can’t wait to see the photos!!

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katherine henry boudoir