Miss A Raves

My friend had been talking about doing a boudoir session for an anniversary present for a year now and when she found Katherine, she told me about it, and we booked a session together! It was seriously SO much fun! I was nervous of course, as this is completely out of my comfort zone, but Katherine is so laid back and easy going, she really put me at ease. The champagne helped of course, as did having a friend there. Who doesn’t love getting your make up done with a friend?! And the makeup was amazing, didn’t want to take it off afterwards! After seeing the proofs I was amazed at how good I actually looked! Katherine was really good at suggesting poses (I hadn’t really done much research and I at first wished I had) and she knew what would look flattering. I am so happy with how everything came out, I can hardly wait to get the album to give to my fiancé the night before our wedding day! It was so much fun and I would love to do it again!

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