Are You Ready to be Pampered? Meet the Stylists.

claudia_morielClaudia Moriel

Claudia’s practices inform one another and teach her to be present, loving, and patient.

Claudia’s mission in life is to assist individuals in finding their outer beauty by attaining inner peace. Through her experiences as a makeup artist and energy healer, she has learned how to profoundly listen and understand individuals on a much deeper level.

Proving that the gap between the Beauty Industry and the Spritiual World can be bridged when a person is ultimatley heard, understood, and seen.
Claudia has found that when you are profoundly present with another human being – true beauty and healing naturally begins.

Check out some of my favorite shoots with Claudia: Laura, Tenley, Amanda

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tara_gudmundsenTara Vaccaro Gudmundsen – tada 

Tara believes that cosmetics are about enhancing an individual’s unique qualities, not hiding ‘imperfections.’ Working as a makeup artist for over a decade, she loves helping women discover the beauty they possess.

There are limitless possibilities with makeup, and with each client truly comes a new excitement for Tara. Showing clients that makeup does not have to be intimidating, is always so fun! When women look in the mirror and are happy with what they see, Tara can’t help but smile!

Check out some favorite shoots with Tara: Miss E, Miss J, Miss N

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