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Podcast: Heart Space

Years and years ago I met Corinne while taking her head shots in Boston. We’ve stayed connected through social media after she moved from the area and I love following her journey! Her social feed...

17 Apr
Katherine Henry Boudoir with Goia sleep masks . Boston Based Boudoir
The cutest Sleep Masks join the KHBcloset

I was so excited when Goia Boutique reached out to provide boudoir clients with cute sleep masks during their shoot! They are perfect for the rolling around in the sheets look! Totally an “I woke...

16 Apr
Video: Jackie Teaser

Here is a little teaser from a recent shoot with Jackie and tada! This was our budget boudoir shoot and no outfit was over $25! Talk about bargains! I’ve been sharing lots from this shoot on Instagram...

13 Apr
Katherine Henry Boudoir shares Boudoir on a Budget, learn where to shop nd how to save on your outfits! Boudoir for everyone!
Featured: Lace in Light

I love the blog Lace in Light and I’m so happy they are back and sharing more boudoir after a little break last year. Head over for lots of inspiration and also great articles and tips for planning...

12 Apr
Read Katherine Henry talk about art and life with boston voyager. Katherine is a Boudoir photographer in Boston, MA
Boston Voyager Interview: Art + Life

I was thrilled to be asked to do my second interview with Boston Voyager. They have really been sharing some awesome articles on creatives in Boston. After you read my interview take some time to see the...

27 Mar
Getting Ready for your Session

I put together a little video with my tricks and tips to prepare for your shoot! These are quick and easy MUSTS! Check out and see me demonstrating them all below! How to prep for your Boudoir Session...

23 Mar
My Interview with Bold Boss Tribe

Have you checked out Bold Boss Tribe before?! You need to head over and take some time to read around this fun site. The colors say it all! My Interview can be read here!

16 Mar
Katherine Henry Boudoir: Boston Boudoir Photography soft and feminine
Miss J

Miss J was so much fun to have at the studio! Every outfit was gorgeous and we also used the famous Jennifer Aniston tie shoot as some inspiration! I’ve been talking a lot on my instagram about how...

15 Mar
A League of Her Own interview with Katherine Henry Boudoir
My interview with A League of Her Own

I love reading inspiring interviews and articles on women run businesses. I’m so excited to be sharing my own article on a fantastic blog, A League of Her Own! Check it out and spend some time reading...

08 Feb
Video: Teaser

I’m having so much fun working on little teaser videos from some recent shoots! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and they let you into a shoot just a bit more than still photos might! Hoping...

30 Jan
Katherine Henry Boudoir: Boston Based studio and outdoor boudoir photographer. Eco friendly lingerie in the woods for the perfect outdoor boudoir session!
Mariah: Part 3

For the final look of Mariah’s inspiration shoot we went to Azura Bay for the perfect piece. This company is one of my new favorites – everything is eco friendly and responsibly made. A few...

05 Jan
Katherine Henry Boudoir: Boston Based studio and outdoor boudoir photographer. Sequin romper by Free People in the woods for the perfect outdoor boudoir session!
Mariah: Part 2

When it came to Mariah’s second look I was all over this sequin romper from Free People. I love it so much it’s now in the studio closet and all clients can add it to their shoot! I love the...

15 Dec
Katherine Henry Boudoir: Boston Based studio and outdoor boudoir photographer. Bring Boudoir to your local lake or water spot for a cool vibe!
Mariah: Part 1

Sometimes when I work with amazing ladies I just can’t put all the images into one post, this is definitely one of those times! So I think I will break this down by outfits – makes sense right?!...

28 Nov
Video: Teaser/Outdoor Boudoir

I recently hit the woods with some friends and created gorgeous shoot! Here is a little video – I love all the smiles and laughter! What a day! Photography: Katherine Henry Boudoir / @kahenry Makeup/Hair:...

17 Nov
Video: Stormy Beach Boudoir

The weather in New England is all over the place this fall! Some days it’s 75 degrees and the next is windy and cold. Well, about two weeks back I had planned a beach shoot with Jenny Luu and Paige,...

06 Nov
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